History of LASE versions

This page describes briefly the changes, improvements and corrections of each new version (often, there is more than is just presented here, especially when a long time separates two versions). They are sorted by invert chronological order.

2016, december the 29th

A very long time since the last update of the web site, but not of LASE itself. Briefly, main changes concern the internal structure of the source code, with a more clear separation between the graphical interface part and the core. This should allow an easier adaptation to other kind of graphical interface (native Mac OS X support or more functionnal Windows support, for instance). This should also help the translation process. Last, it allows the use of UTF-8 as the native format for strings and graphical interface (which may not be so much a concern for English users…).
Other changes concern the "decomposition" part (try to express a graph as a linear combination of other graphs), which is now handled through the generic model interface and allows an arbitrary number of graphs to be used to construct the linear combination.

Please signal me any dysfunction introduced by this new structuration.

2003, october the 9th

Only X-window version is concerned, because of a lot of changes in the GUI library to allow quickest addition of new options.

Beside of bug correction, some big news in that version: