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  • X-window version (unix): zip (2,3 Mo) ; tar gzipée (1,9 Mo) ; tar bzipée (1,5 Mo).
  • Windows version (1,6 Mo; French only)
  • A few sample files (425 ko). These file were used for the tutorial part of the manual.
  • The HTML documentation, in French: zip (1,2 ko), tar/gz (1,1 Mo) or tar/bz2 (1 Mo)
  • Manual of installation

    Installation procedure changes with the system on your computer. Basically, with unix you must recompile the software, whereas it is precompiled for windows.

    To compile, you will need a C compiler that accepts the ISO C99 standard or the gcc extensions. If you plan to use a development version of LASE, the use of gcc 3 is advised. If you use a linux distribution, check that you have installed the development tools, especially libraries and include files (check the content of /usr/include). If you do not use gcc, you will probably have to edit the Makefile file to pass correct options to the compiler (some of them are already handled).

    The compilation process uses the GNU version of make. On some systems, it is the default make (linux); on others, it is called gmake. If you do not find it on your system, see for instance the GNU webpage to know where and how to download it.

    LASE was successfully compiled and used on the unix variants (with a recent gcc as the compiler):

    Usage licence

    LASE is distributed as source files, hence you can do any modification you find suitable. But, if you plan to distribute these modifications, it would be better if you could send them to me, so that a common standard version of LASE still exists. Especially, if you translate any part of the software, in any language, it would be a pleasure to add this translation in ulterior LASE versions.

    You are free to use the software for whatever you want. The only thing I ask, is that you cite it if it was useful for the analysis of your data. There is still no article dedicated to LASE, so you can either

    Last update

    Last update was…
    Version zip file gzip file bzip2 file
    X-Window 29 décembre 2016 29 décembre 2016 29 décembre 2016
    Windows 24 janvier 2002
    TOS 6 février 2000
    Samples /
    Documentation 9 octobre 2003 9 octobre 2003 9 octobre 2003

    Beware! The Windows version is still under development. It is often older than the unix version, so does not always offer the last functionalities, and may not be as stable. If you can, it is preferable to use the unix version.

    To use the 3D view of structural models, you must have an Open-GL compatible library available. See, for instance, Mesa.

    To know the list of changes since last version, follow this link.

    Emmanuel CURIS
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