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Welcome on the LASE (Logiciel d'Analyse des Spectres EXAFS) homepage. This page offers various versions of the software, especially the "official" version (source code to compile for unix and X-window, in French). It also offers the software documentation.

Presently, the site is mainly in French and only a short english translation is available. Any help is welcomed, for translation in any language.

If you do not find the answer to your question on this site, you may send me remarks and questions to the adress cited below.

How to get LASE?

It depends of your computer configuration. But, anyway, please cite LASE if you present results that were obtained using it.

  • If you use Unix and X-Window, LASE is distributed as C-code source ready to compile. There is no restraint in LASE utilisation. You may also edit the source code, but only for your personal usage. To install LASE, you only have to download the latest archive (see here), uncompress it, configure it (see the README file included in the tarball) and start compilation with the

    command. If compilation was successful, type then

    make install

    to install the software.

  • For Windows, LASE is distributed precompiled (French only, presently).

    Be aware that the windows version is still experimental. I strongly encourage you to use the unix version if possible.

  • To use the 3D possibilities of LASE, for structural model handling, you must have a OpenGL compatible library installed. See, for instance, Mesa.

    To have more sounded statistical results, LASE needs the GNU Scientific Library to be installed.

    LASE can work in cunjunction with the FEFF software for theoretical computations. See the official FEFF page for more informations about FEFF. But other software may be used to compute phase-shifts and amplitudes (at the price of a manual building of the model).

    Emmanuel Curis
    Last modified: Fri Jul 4 11:52:38 CEST 2003